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Why do I learn it?

  • Not to be an expert on it. I learn it to better understand the difference between iOS and Android development so that I can understand it and communicate easily with my Android team mates.
  • I can learn the tooling for Android CI/CD

Main learning repository:


  • Activity is a term used for a page or a screen
  • Activity Lifecycle
    • Every Activity has a parent Activity class that it extends
    • override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?)
      • The callback that we will used the most. Similar like iOS viewDidLoad
      • Usually where we setup the UI of our Activity here by calling setContentView method
      • Only called once in its lifecycle unless the Activity is created again
    • override fun onRestart()
      • When Activity restarts, this is called immediately before onStart
    • override fun onStart()
      • When the Activity first comes into view
      • The first of the visible lifecycles methods
    • override fun onRestoreInstanceState(savedInstanceState: Bundle?)
      • If the state has been saved using onSaveInstanceState(outState:Bundle?), it will called this method after onStart()
    • override fun onResume()
      • Run as the final stage of creating an Activity for the first time & also when the app has been backgrounded & then is brought into foreground
      • Upon completion, view is ready to be used
    • override fun onSaveInstanceState(outState: Bundle?)
      • to save the state of the activity
    • override fun onPause()
      • Called when Activity starts to be backgrounded or another dialog or Activity comes into the foreground
    • override fun onStop()
      • Called when Activity is hidden. Either by being backgrounded or another Activity is being launched on top
    • override fun onDestroy()
      • Called by the system to kill the Activity when system resources are low
      • Or when finish() is called explicitly on Activity
      • Or when Activity is being killed by the users themselves

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Page last modified: 6/28/2021.